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The Heart Sessions

The Heart Sessions

the heart sessions

As tender hearts and sensitive souls, we are challenged daily to remain open, and stand strong in our beliefs. To tap into our spirit, but stay rooted. To find balance between speaking up & speaking out, and holding space as a strong ally and deep listener. Our hearts and gentleness are needed in the world. We need to remain strong in our resolve, but by nature - require deliberate TLC to recharge us. This is where the art of self-care comes in; knowing when to tune into ourselves and retreat for necessary self-care.

The Heart Sessions is a breathing room for turbulent times. An intentional pause to reflect, resuscitate, and gain new strength.

It's a balm for advocates, healers, mothers, friends...anyone who strives to be a strong, gentle, loving, effective human being.

My intention for The Heart Sessions series, is to uplift and replenish weary warriors.

This workshop requires:


Time for meditation.

Time to write.

Setting intentions.

Being open to community.

A little bravery.

The Heart Sessions is 4 weeks of centering, intention, and support beginning on April 1st.



To find out more or schedule a personal consultation with me to see if this workshop is right for you, write to me at