joy lab
a happiness incubator



Week One: Root Chakra/Warm Red Light

Make yourself comfortable, in seated position, sit bones rooted, spine straight, face relaxed, and take a deep breath in. Let the air expand in your chest, and let out a big exhale, letting go of any tension or worries. Do this several times, until you begin to feel relaxed. Now imagine the area near the base of your spine and lower back being surrounded by warm red light. Feel the tension begin to release as this warm red light pulses and glows, soothing your spine, the muscles in your sit bones, the muscles in your lower back. Now imagine roots growing down from your sit bones into the earth. Feel energy begin to flow up from the ground, pure earth energy, blending with the warm red light. Slowly swirling up your spine, gracing each vertebrae, and expanding invigorating all of your organs. Feel it move from your waist, through your chest, to your heart, your throat, your sinuses, jawbone, and cheekbones, up to your third eye, and then moving beyond your physical body, creating a channel of pure energy flowing through you from deep within the earth up to the sky. Feel how freely that energy travels. Notice your breath deepening as you relax. Continue breathing in and out, letting your body bask in this energetic space. Breathe here as long as you like. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes, and lay back in savasana and notice how you feel. When you are ready you can slowly sit up and ease into your day. :)

Week Two: Sacral Chakra/Orange Sunrise

Make yourself comfortable, sit tall but relaxed. Make any adjustments you need to make to be at ease….

Close your eyes gently. Scan your body for any areas that hold tension. Notice any feelings or thoughts you're experiencing right now. Let them be, without judgement. Take several deep breaths in and out, and as you begin to relax, set your attention on your breath.

Imagine you are sitting by your favorite body of water, at sunrise or sunset. The temperature is comfortable, there's a soft, warm breeze, and the water is gently lapping. On the horizon, the sun glows a warm, vibrant orange, fading into softer shades of melon, and peach. Continue to breathe deeply, allowing your breath fall into it's natural rhythm. As you listen to the waves, the sunlight warms you. Feel the energy of the rays reaching out towards you, touching your skin, and connecting you directly to the vitality of the sun. Allow the sun to energize you, and calm you. Feel your body start to fill with this healing light, soothing your nerves and invigorating your organs. just below your navel, light begins to radiate, it moves upwards, slowly, soothing your belly, strengthening your spine, warming your heart, softening your shoulders, energizing your throat chakra, awakening your third eye. As long as you like or are able, breathe here in this light.

Week Three:

Make yourself comfortable, in a seated position. When you are settled in, take a few deep breaths in, and out.

Begin to notice your inner flame, the little candle, in your belly. As you breathe, continue to feed it the energy that you're drawing in with your breath. And as you breathe in and out, allow your flame to glow brighter, and brighter, and brighter. Allow it to continue to glow beyond the space of your belly, beyond the confines of your physical body, and radiate all around you.

As you continue to breathe here, you might imagine yourself finally doing something you've always wanted to do or facing something you're afraid of. Try to hold the vision ofthat goal, or dream or action…and surround it in this same inner flame glow. Picture yourself taking that step. Imagine yourself accepting who you are, exactly as you are, right now. Embracing your truest self, and taking the courage that you have within you, and taking that first step. Breathe here in your power for as long as you'd like, and with each inhale breathe in courage and strength, and with each exhale let go of any self-judgement or diminishing thoughts….