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Gentle Journey

Gentle Journey

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"This has been a wonderful workshop for a total novice. It has opened my eyes to the chakras and made me want to explore more deeply. Judy is the perfect guide for this work: both deeply caring and deeply knowledgeable. A must for anyone looking to explore their inner energy." ~Alison, Japan

"Judy's course is amazing! I learned so much. She is kind, knowledgeable, and gives everyone so much encouragement, inspiration, and support. I am looking forward to doing as many courses as she is willing to offer. It was a great experience." ~M.K., Canada

Gentle journey: a virtual healing retreat

In this 8 week course, we write our way towards clarity & alignment using the chakras as our guide. This workshop consists of weekly guided meditations, writing prompts (three per week), chakra specific yoga postures, inspiration, and integration activities. Through introspection and writing, we will uncover knots that block our energy, and break free from some of the places we feel stuck. Beginning with the Root Chakra, and moving upwards through to the Crown Chakra, we'll touch on virtues, emotions and the aspects of our physical body that relate to each chakra, and create new energetic pathways for empowerment. The 8th week is for integration, reflection and discussion.

This is a low-pressure self-moderated workshop. All you need is a journal, a writing utensil, internet access, a yoga mat, a little time, and the willingness to dig deep! 

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