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I am rooted,
but I flow
— Virginia Woolf

Meditation: This week we'll be showering our Root Chakra in warm red light. To my surprise,  I was able to create a 3 minute Soundcloud recording! (At the bottom of the page)  If you'd like to meditate without the sound of my voice, here is a link to a written version. Warm Red Light

Yoga: Below are poses to help strengthen, open, and support the Root Chakra.

1. Mountain Pose: This pose is the foundation for all standing poses. Spread your toes, rooting your feet and feeling the connection to the earth. Feel the subtle strength of just being in mountain. From mountain, you can become a tree, rooted and blowing in the breeze. :)

2: Butterfly: I found this great guide on how to do this pose.  If your hamstrings are tight, you can modify to half butterfly. Hip openers powerfully stimulate the root (and sacral) chakras. Feel free to add pigeon, goddess or any favorite hip opener to your practice in the next two weeks!

3: Legs up the Wall: Hooray! This is a great stress reliever. I'm going to leave it to Yoga Journal to explain how-to. (In the future, I will be delivering the yoga portion more personally, but for today I'm relying on the help of the internet) :)

Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots
— Rumi

Write: The Root Chakra is our center for safety, security, and belonging....our place on this earth. Take time to reflect over the next few days on your relationship to safety. What is safety to you? What makes you feel most safe? What setting, circumstances, and factors contribute to you feeling rooted, supported, and secure? Write about where you are right now in relation to these things. In what areas do you feel grounded, stable, and abundant? In what areas do you feel fearful, lacking, or frustrated? Be gentle with yourself, and any feelings that may come up. Most of us are subconsciously holding onto a lot of "stuff" in this area. Try to welcome and be with whatever arises while you're writing. It's been waiting for you to shed a light on it. This first prompt is a big one, so don't worry...there will be easy ones, too! This is where a lot of knots live,  and doing deep digging work here first is important for the well-being of our whole self.  Root Chakra Writing Prompt 2 & 3 can be found here!

Do: The Root Chakra loves being in the thick of life, which, in Winter is not our natural state! It loves movement. It asks you to be in your body more. I wants to connect to the earth and commune with nature. Your assignment this week is two-fold. Pick one, or do both. I recommend doing both!   

1. Dance. Set aside an hour this week to MOVE. Put on your favorites tunes, tune out the world, close your eyes and really feel the music. If you are able to do this alone, even better! Let go of inhibition as much as you can. Let yourself feel the joy of movement, release any worries, pretend you're twelve. Whatever you need to do to create a setting in which to groove. This is all about getting back into our bodies. :) I started a collaborative dance playlist for the Root Chakra (at the bottom of this page). If you use Spotify, please add some songs you love to move to. It will be interesting to see the eclectic mix it becomes!

2. Step outside. The element of the Root Chakra is earth. It LOVES when you spend time in nature. This week, spend an hour outdoors. If you can (and you feel safe!), leave your phone behind. If not, turn it off. Go slow. Take deep breathes. Look up at the sky, touch the rocks, greet the birds, say hello to the trees. Notice the way the air feels, and how your feet appreciate connecting to the earth. One thing that leads to us feeling lacking and unsupported is not letting things all the way in. We check it off our list "went on my walk today" but slowing down and allowing ourselves to truly receive all that is right there for us can greatly improve our feelings of security and abundance.

Senses: Pay particular attention to the color red this week. Consider wearing red. Light a red candle. The Root Chakra is represented by the color red, and adding awareness of this color can enhance the healing effects of root chakra work. The Root Chakra is connected to our sense of smell. It loves aromatic spices, like the ones used to make Chai (cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger). When eating and cooking this week, revel a little in the smells of your food. Savor your morning coffee or tea a little longer than usual.

Self Care: Throughout the next 8 weeks, try to be extra good to yourself. In moving through the chakras, we're clearing out old aches and pains, thoughts, and energy. Drink plenty of water (I highly recommend adding hot water with lemon to your morning routine!), get plenty of sleep, and give yourself an extra dose of loving-kindness. You're here, which means you're willing, which means you'll grow. And with growth always comes a few growing pains! I'm here for you every step of the way, and all over the world, (as far away as Japan!)...there are other kind souls on this journey, too.