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WEEK two: The sacral CHAKRA ~ Svadhisthana


Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about... say yes quickly if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the Universe
— Rumi

Meditation: The Sacral Chakra is activated by the color orange. This week's guided meditation is inspired by the vibrant orange glow of sunrise or sunset. The recorded version is below, or click here: Sacral Sunset read the written version.

Yoga: Below are poses to help strengthen and activate the Sacral Chakra.

1. Camel. I only recommend this if it is a familiar part of your yoga practice. But I included it, because it is the ultimate opener for the Sacral Chakra. If this is not in your repertoire of poses, try modifying by doing Cobra. If that is too easy, this guy Yoga Chuck has a helpful video of modifications in between. :)

2. Triangle. This pose helps loosen up blockages in the 2nd chakra. There are modifications for this as well.

3. Pigeon. My favorite pose, but it is like beets. You either love it or you hate it! Adding any hip opener to your practice this week will enhance the healing effects of the Sacral Chakra work you do.

Breathing: Left Nostril Breathing is a simple & effective way to open up the Sacral Chakra. Cover your right nostril with the first two fingers of your right hand, and breathe only through your left nostril for 8-10 breaths. 

Addendum: I wrote an important note about the nature of chakra work. Please take a moment to read it. :)

Write: The first time I read this quote, I jumped off the couch, wrote it down, and wandered around the house reading it over and over again, and waving it around in the air. (I know, I'm weird.) It lit me up, as if it was the most profound & brilliant statement I'd ever read. We are all artists, and we KNOW it...we just don't always know that we know. Every one of us has an limitless stream of creative energy within us. 

What is your relationship to creativity? As a child, were you encouraged to play, explore and express yourself? Or were you expected to be more serious and adult-like?  In what ways do you embrace and express your creativity in your adult life? Here's a link to the rest of this weeks prompts.

Do: Play! The Sacral Chakra is where your Inner Child lives, so the word to hold near and dear this week is PLAY. Take an activity you normally do, or something new to you, and focus just on enjoying the process, not the outcome. This is a choose-your-own-adventure prompt. Look for ways to introduce more fun and play your daily life. This can be anything from cooking a meal (without following a recipe!), to how you address an envelope, to testing out some new paints (without worrying how the painting will look!), to rearranging the living room. It could be how you relate to your partner, kids, or colleagues, a different route to work, making something and sharing it. Endless possibilities.


Senses: Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra. Wear orange, if you have any, or splurge on cheerful orange flowers. Honey, almonds, melons, coconut, carrots, oranges, sweet potatoes, butternut squash are among the foods good for this chakra.  Essential Oils like sandalwood, tangerine, orange, cedarwood, ylang-ylang, jasmine, patchouli, cardamom, bergamot and neroli also benefit the sensual nature of the Sacral Chakra.

Self Care: Water is the element of this chakra. As always, try to drink plenty of fluids. If you are near a body of water, allow yourself time to visit it this week. If that isn't possible, take a long bath or shower, or give yourself a warm water foot soak. This Chakra is also related to lunar energy, so spending a little time star-gazing beneath the moon can spark Sacral inspiration, too. PS I attached a playlist of ocean sounds for you (below).