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Solar Plexus

WEEK three: The solar plexus CHAKRA ~ manipura

My True Self is Free. It cannot be contained.
— Marcus Aurelius

Meditation: In the Solar Plexus meditation, we check-in with our Inner Flame. This is a wonderful meditation; simple & effective to do on a regular basis. The recorded meditation is below, or you can read the written version Inner Flame Meditation

Yoga: Below are poses to help strengthen, open, and support the Solar Plexus Chakra

1. Boat Pose: This pose builds core strength, stamina and courage.

2. Bow Pose: This opens the shoulders, chest, hip flexors, strengthens the back, and massages the digestive organs. It opens, clears and energizes the third chakra.

3: Half Lord of the Fishes: Great name, eh? This deep twist helps strengthen and energize the spine, cleanses internal organs, can help relieve backache, and pain from sciatia, helps relieve toxins and opens the shoulders, neck and hips.

Breathe: Breath of Fire. This is a heat-inducing rapid breath, performed by breathing through the nostrils with the mouth closed. It's incredibly detoxifying and invigorating. Since it is quite difficult to explain with words, I'll link to this video.

I am enough. I trust my inner wisdom and instincts. I offer my light to the world
— Nice things to say to yourself

Write: A radiant being who dwells in peace, love & truth, who is led by innate wisdom, and is constantly evolving. That is your True Self. It's not something we create, it's something we are. We can improve and enhance ourselves, we can try to shun, deny, or squelch it, but beneath it all we are that bright shining being. With that in mind, consider your relationship to your True Self. Do you feel in touch with your True Self, or get glimpses of it amidst the busyness of life?  Do you feel comfortable expressing yourself and being your truest self?  What prevents you or limits you from being or expressing the true you? What conditions support you and make it easier to show that version of you?  Where are you on your journey towards loving, embracing and liberating your true self?

Do: The Solar Plexus Chakra is fed when we break through our own limitations. This chakra LOVES when we push against self-imposed boundaries and stand in our power.  It also loves sunshine.

1. Bask. It's winter, and so sun bathing takes some creativity! (My landlord and I just came in from a long soak in the sun, in lawn chairs in the middle of the frozen pond) :) We need extra vitamin D this time of year, and the Solar Plexus loves it. Find ways this week to take in some extra sunshine.

2. Be Brave. This week, set an intention to act with courage. Only you know what this means for you; it may be the first small step towards a goal, one difficult conversation, or a big leap of faith. Any bravery, great or small, will begin to set freedom in motion. Practice speaking your truth where you might usually opt to people-please. Practice assertiveness when you might normally be submissive. (If that feels scary, test it out with someone close to you who is like-minded and will understand why this is important) Be open to busting the self-limiting myths in your life wherever they try to creep in! (If outwardly brave isn't resonating, try being inwardly brave. Practicing self-control is another way to activate this chakra.)

Senses: Yellow is the color of the Solar Plexus. Pick up a bunch of sunflowers, burn a yellow candle, place a bowl of lemons on the counter, wear this sunny color, and look for it throughout your days. Good news for comfort food! This energy center loves bread, pasta, grains, cheese and yogurt, as well as bananas. Spices: mint, cumin, turmeric, ginger, chamomile & fennel. The scents that invigorate this chakra include: juniper, lavender, rosemary, bergamot, and lemongrass. It is represented by the fire element, and so lighting candles, or sitting by a crackling woodstove or bonfire can be nurturing for the Solar Plexus. (If you don't have your own fireplace, you can sit by my woodstove, below)

Self Care: As usual: hydrate. Be outdoors as much as you can. Sleep! Nap, even. Eat well, and get plenty of exercise. Stand tall, bust of your comfort zone. <3