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Week Five: The Throat Chakra


The Throat Chakra, or Vishuddha in Sanskrit, meaning "purification", is the 5th chakra. It is our center for self-expression and communication. It is the bridge between the feelings of the heart and the thoughts in the mind. It is where we express our truth, integrity, creativity, and responsibility. This is where our energy is transformed and spoken, and becomes what we manifest in our world. Self expression is fundamental to our well-being.

Physically, the Throat Chakra governs our sense of hearing, our throat and neck, mouth, ears, thyroid and shoulders. It is represented by the color blue: the light blue family...turquoise, sky blue and aqua, but all shades of blue enhance the energy of this chakra. It is related to the element of Ether, so spending time outdoors, breathing in the blue sky, is helpful and healing. It's seed sound is Ham (pronounced like Yum). 

When the Throat Chakra is balanced and open, we express ourselves freely, take responsibility for our life, speak up for our needs and wants. We embody a strong sense of faith and trust in ourselves, and the Universe. We live with clarity, direction and integrity. We know our value, and understand that our voice and ideas have a purpose and are needed in the world. When we're expressing from this place, we feel more alive, empowered, and are able to tap into more peace and freedom.

Out of balance in either direction, we are our own worst critic. Self-acceptance and responsibility are key to the health and vitality of this energy center. Being honest with ourselves and others is also important.

With an under-active Throat Chakra, we hold onto our feelings, feel afraid to share our pain and anger openly, keep our True Self hidden, feel silenced by shame or hurt. We are afraid to take responsibility for our lives. This is also where absorbing other people's words and feelings comes into play. We allow and tolerate behavior that is unhealthy, and sometimes take on other people's emotions. So, similar to other chakras, a Throat Chakra imbalance in this direction directly relates to boundaries. Knowing what is ours and what is not. The more we speak our truth, the clearer we become about who we are, and therefor are able to draw healthy boundaries for ourselves. Feeling misunderstood is also an indicator of an under-active Throat Chakra.

As you may have guessed, a Throat Chakra with excess energy manifests as too much talking, and the inability to listen or pay attention. When we have too much energy in this chakra, we talk over people, speak too loudly or yell, can be overly opinionated and critical of ourselves and others, and have a tendency to interrupt. Gossip is another sign that too much negative energy is residing in the Throat Chakra. Arrogance, meanness and manipulation also can manifest from this imbalance.

Possible physical manifestations of a blocked or out of balance Throat Chakra: throat ailments, gum, mouth and tooth issues, ulcers, respiratory issues, thyroid problems, and hearing problems.

To maintain balance and openness in this chakra, we need to take responsibility for our lives, thoughts and feelings. Each time we express ourselves in our truth and integrity, the Throat Chakra is strengthened. It asks that we practice self-acceptance. Using Mantras as reminders that what we have to say is valuable is a powerful healing tool for the throat. Practicing communicating our feelings, speaking up for ourselves, or speaking out on behalf of others gives power to this energy center, too. Writing is particularly helpful for the Throat Chakra.


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