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Week Four: The Heart Chakra


The Heart Chakra, or Anahara in Sanskrit (meaning: unstruck sound), holds a pivotal role in the Chakra system. As the 4th of the seven Chakras, it sits at the very center, in between the lower chakras...our physical self & earth energy, and the upper chakras...our spiritual self & divine energy. The Heart Chakra integrates both energies, (and is believed to contain more intelligence than the mind!). More information flows from the heart to the brain, than from the brain to the heart. The expression "Follow your heart"  is not just a saying, it's actually sage advice!

The kind of love that exudes from the Heart Chakra is limitless and unconditional. The feelings of oneness, Universal connection, empathy and compassion. It is all about loving and being loved, and feeling connected. Here, we feel grief, abandonment, loneliness, and depression as well as love, compassion, empathy and peace. 

Balanced and open, The Heart Chakra flows with love for ourselves as well as other people and beings. We feel open and at ease, in touch with ourselves and our emotions, and able to discern what energy an emotions are ours or belong to others. We feel centered, worthy, and safe to love. It is natural, and healthy, for us, occasionally, to retreat from this flow to tap into our own hearts. People who have what I call an "Overactive Empathy Gland" can absorb and feel so much that they become overwhelmed, and need to separate from the energy of others to center themselves again. Maintaining a healthy and open Heart Chakra means also maintaining good boundaries. 

An overactive Heart Chakra can lead to poor boundaries, giving too much and tolerating too much, lack of discernment in relationships, codependency. A person with excess energy in the heart area may sacrifice so much that they may lose their identity within relationships.  

When it is deficient energetically, a person may be withdrawn, guarded, and when they do allow people in, have a tendency to sabotage relationships. Being distrustful, critical,  controlling, needy or clingy are also signs of a weakened Heart Chakra.  

A big key to healing an overactive or blocked Heart Chakra, is opening and healing the other chakras. (Hooray! We're already doing that!). Forgiveness, and acceptance of self, are also important. 

Physically, the Heart Chakra governs the thymus gland, the lungs, heart, chest, arms, and shoulders. Severely out of balance, a blocked heart chakra can manifest as high blood pressure, heart disease, lung disease, asthma, and other respiratory issues, breast cancer, and blood diseases.

The color for the Heart Chakra is green, as well as pink. It governs our sense of touch. Its element is Air.

Now, onto the Heart Chakra Workshop...