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Week One!

Week One!

The Root Chakra ~ Muladhara

If you are human, and have been living a life, this is likely what your Root Chakra looks like.

The Root Chakra (or in Sanskrit, Muladhara, meaning "root" and "support"), is located at the base of the spine. It is our center for safety, survival, grounding, belonging, security, primal urges and purpose. This is where we find our personal power and our passion. This is where we access our beliefs about our place in this world, and our feeling of "home". It is our center for manifestations, and is the chakra of the physical body. Sound important? It is!

The Root Chakra is where we store ancestral memories, familial beliefs that are passed down from generation to generation. Therefor, problems within our Root Chakra, may not necessarily pertain directly to what our lives look like right now. As we evolve and become more aware as humans, we are being called to heal past ancestral wounds by healing ourselves, and therefor helping to heal our lineage.

All the energy that flows upwards through our bodies along the Subtle Body first passes through the Root Chakra. When this energy center is blocked, it keeps energy from flowing freely to the other chakras, which causes disturbances in our bodies and minds. The Root Chakra governs our reproductive organs, our bones, adrenal glands, groin area, lower limbs, lower digestive system, and our sense of smell.

Something I learned recently, which was an a-ha moment in understanding chakras, is that in trying to balance them in one direction, we often throw them out of balance in the other direction. The key is to open them, allowing the energy to move through naturally. When they are looked after and cared for, chakras are self regulating. So we won't be working on balancing them, as much as giving them a little TLC and helping them to open. Ideally, your Root Chakra will look like this: ;)

A Root Chakra out of balance, with excessive energy will manifest as: anger, frustration, egotism, selfishness, greed, being harsh and judgemental, aggressive and manipulative, rigid, intolerant, an overly high sex drive, addictions to material things, stubbornness, resistant to change (among other things).

A Root Chakra out of balance, with deficient energy will manifest as: fearfulness, feelings of shame, inadequacy, and unworthiness, attitudes of scarcity and lack, feeling undeserving of love, unable to achieve goals, a lack of enthusiasm, helplessness, feeling misunderstood, depression, and a low sex drive (also among other things!)

When the Root Chakra is in balance, you feel centered, well-grounded, stable, and secure. You feel connected to your physical body and your place on this earth, trusting, self confident, healthy and abundant. The fundamental qualities of the Root Chakra are pure joy & innate wisdom! The kind you see in young children. A healthy Root Chakra helps bring joy, simplicity, integrity and balance into our lives...which is what I hope for all of us 8 weeks from now.

Here is a link to a brief explanation of the Chakras.

*Our Mantra for this week, thanks to Virginia Woolf,  is "I am rooted, but I flow"

So, without further adieu: The Root Chakra....

I made this play list for you, to accompany you throughout the workshop! Think of it as a virtual mixed tape, connecting us all across the miles.