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Gentle Journey
to May 20

Gentle Journey

In this 8 week course, we write our way towards clarity & alignment using the chakras as our guide. This workshop consists of weekly guided meditations, writing prompts (three per week), chakra specific yoga postures, inspiration, and integration activities. Through introspection and writing, we will uncover knots that block our energy, and break free from some of the places we feel stuck. Beginning with the Root Chakra, and moving upwards through to the Crown Chakra, we'll touch on virtues, emotions and the aspects of our physical body that relate to each chakra, and create new energetic pathways for empowerment. The 8th week is for integration, reflection and discussion.

This is a low-pressure self-moderated workshop. All you need is a journal, a writing utensil, internet access, a yoga mat, a little time, and the willingness to dig deep! 

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4:00 PM16:00

Winter Walk & Silent Meditation

Join me for a silent winter walk and meditation at my home on Peaks Island. You'll catch the 930 ferry where a warm car and lovely person will shuttle you to my backshore abode. We'll get settled in, bundle up, then head out into (hopefully beautiful!) winter conditions for a 1 hour silent nature walk. We'll return to warm up by the fire, and I'll lead you on a 30 minute guided meditation. Afterwards, we'll break the silence for soup, snacks, and conversation. Then wrap things up in time to catch the 245 ferry.

Sunday, February 12th 10 am - 230 pm

Location: Peaks Island, Maine

What you'll need: yourself, warm gear, a journal & writing utensil, a favorite blanket (optional)

Cost: $60, space is limited

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